Thursday, November 7, 2019

Review Example

Review Example Review – Coursework Example 2 May Review A review of information technology evolution identifies developments into convenient knowledge creation. Some of the steps to research are no longer necessary because of such applications as Big Data. Similarly, social media has expanded information source and improved availability of data. However, reliability of data from the sources and results from such data remains questionable. The case of Twiter maps is an example and notes lack of information on some aspects such as geographical areas as well as inaccuracies in available data. CAI system supports this by demonstrating unreliability of data from the contemporary state of technology. Even though the system offers multiple services such as infrastructure mapping, data collection, and data analysis, its unreliability can be costly to professions in which resources are expensive and time is scarce. Such a challenge remains a valid concern because of the dynamic environment while testing reliability of a system may req uire time and the system may have undergone numerous changes before testing is complete. Land (166) shares in the unreliability concern that is significant to the medical sector and the significance can be inferred to other sectors. In addition, growing reliance on data and research for industrial decisions establishes significance of technology in data collection and usage and supports significance of unreliability of systems. In order to use the systems, their reliability must be ascertained or at least be estimated in order to inform corrective measures and ensure confidence in ultimate decisions. Measures for ensuring reliability of technologies, and by extension validity, are therefore necessary and inform the following question.How can reliability and validity of technologies be ascertained and improved? Works citedLand, E. Information technology in health science education. New York, NY: Springer Science & Business Media, 2013. Print.

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